February 24th, 2004

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  • ekhodie

Riding the crimson tide in the woods...

Hey, I don't even have a keeper or a divacup or anything yet but I'm so intrigued! I'm definatly looking into getting one asap. I was wondering if any of y'all have had experiences with it on outdoors trips like backpacking or camping (no toilet or running water for 3 days +). The divacup website says it can be used for backpacking but does not specify anything. It would be really convenient because packing out pads and tampons is not only heavy and stinky and awful, there's the whole enviornmental disaster part too. I'm concerned about keeping the little thing clean, in the woods all you really have is cold iodine water or cold purified water from a water bottle, that goes for keeping your hands clean too.

I'm expecting to have my period on my next backpacking trip in March and that would be the first time using a cup if I got one. Would it be a good idea for a first-timer to try this thing out in the woods with no running water/toilet? Would it be more or less gross than tampons (which I've done before)? Could I get a good idea from practicing with it without having my period?

rock on girls! thanks!
  • nirbhao

post no bills....

got a question....

I just bought a divacup. I'm very excited about having it. but I'm being dumb and...

am seriously nervous that I'm pregnant. I've never been pregnant and don't intend to keep this one if I am, but I'm curious if this would affect my ability to use the divacup.

I know I wouldn't be able to use it RIGHT away. I think they ask you to keep tampons on penises out for two weeks or something like that, but would I have to use the larger model then because my cervix would have been dilated?

any help/thoughts would be appreciated.