February 19th, 2004

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how do people clean their keepers between periods? I'm concerned about getting an infection from reusing it without really cleaning it at the end of each cycle (right now Im just cleaning it under hot water)

divacup novice.

mercy me that was difficult-

when i put my diva cup in tonight for the first time as soon as it was barely in it slipped out of my fingers and moved up so high that i could just touch the stem. which seemed to be lodged behind my pubic bone. after baring down and down i got a hold of it and tried to get my finger around the rim to break the seal but my fingers just aren't that long. it kept slipping out of my fingers and going back up again. after about the tenth try i got it with my finger and thumb of one hand and tried twisting it but it wouldn't budge so i used a finger of the other hand to somehow break the seal and finnalllyyy got the silly thing out.

the package say it's supposed to sit low, i didn't even have the option of making it sit low it went up on it's own.

do i need the larger size or am i not doing something correctly, I don't have any idea. help me girls.
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well, that's never happened before...

Let me just preface this by saying, in my defense, that I have had a migraine for the past 3 days (another of my menstrual joys) and have been taking a lot of codeine. I blame this at least partly on the drugs!

I just went into the bathroom to put in my DivaCup... in my befuddled state I somehow managed to get it up there folded the wrong way. As in, the top folded downward toward the stem. All I can say is, holy fuck, that was somewhat less than comfortable! I got it out as quickly as possible, and reinserted properly... Now of course, after all that frigging around with my hand up my cunt, I totally look like I murdered someone. The joys of womanhood!

(x-posted from the menstrualhut community, which I meant to do last night, but was apparently too baked)