February 17th, 2004

reassurance needed!

2 questions, ladies.

1) I had an IUD fitted yesterday and I'd just like some (extra) re-assurance that its ok to use my mooncup with it. The doctor said it would be but I should be careful on the last day when my flow is light. Thing is she said it would be dry, but I think cups are a bit less common in the Uk and she was assuming it was like a tampon so it would be all dry on the last day. I find with my mooncup even if im not bleeding much there is still enough normal discharge to make things slippy, so I dont think there will be a problem and I really dont want to go and buy/ use pads. I love my mooncup!

2) i have had my mooncup for almost a year and I dont worry about making it sterile at the end of each period, I just clean it with soap and an old toothbrush whenever i have a shower on my period ( at least once a day) and at the end i soak it in freshly boiled water and some tea tree.
thing is, its made of translucent silicon and this has gone a little discoloured. Im nto worried about it being unclean or anything but it doesnt look very pretty. Im wondering how to make it nice and white again, but I want to stay with natural methods, so maybe lemon juice? something like that? I think Im going to put it in the dishwasher as well and see if that works, but any ideas would be appreciated.

thank you