February 2nd, 2004


SO,I've been a member for quite awhile,but haven't really felt the need to post until now.I've had my keeper for about 6 months or so and at first it worked really well...well actually it still does but... I have a slight problem I believe. I think it is starting to give me yeast infections. I dont want to give up my keep so I decided to try a couple of things. One of which would be better sanitization. I wash it real well with soap and hot water whenever I take it out but it may not be enough, so I need something antibacterial. I think. Would regular rubbing alcohol be ok, 'ya think? Would it damage my Keeper? Peroxide maybe? I've tried tea tree oil and nothing really came out of that. Would one of these two work..espc. the alcohol? Or does anyone have any other ideas? Thanks for any help!!

P.s..It's great to "meet" you guys!!


This was my first full cycle w/the divacup -- i HATE that name, and I don't see how purple is such a great color, but I'm about to make it a pouch out of camo or something equally less purple....

Er, anyway, being at school, I've been dealing with a lot of "public" restrooms and being somewhat irritated with the concept of anything getting under my nails, especially bodily fluids.. but I'm getting over it! This is an absolutely brilliant device... no worrying if you'll be away from a pad/tampon supply for a day.. the pads were a nice backup though, only had one case that I did something wrong and it leaked...

Y'all have a wonderful life n such, I've been enjoying keeping track of this list - definitely a requirement for first timers!
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