January 28th, 2004


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i finally bought my cup at the end of december and i got it a few weeks ago. i started using it monday. very agreeable. i've never been excited about getting my period (unless it was to show that i wasn't pregnant and even then).

it leaked a bit the first and second days. that kind of upset me but when i pulled the cup out, the leakage was barely a fraction of what was caught by the cup. today, however, its leaking like all hell.

i know a lot of you have written about "getting the hang of it". i've followed the instructions and all. but how do i keep it from shifting? when i reach in to pull it out, the stem is angled and pressed hard against the side. it doesn't hurt at all, but its annoying to have to reach in there and grab the whole cup to move it back. today, i don't think i pushed it far enough in because i was in a hurry. i went and tried to push it up but i can feel it scooting back down and shifting.

should i go back and wrestle with it some more?

and how far in is too far? previous days, the bottom of the stem has ended up a half-inch or so from the opening and it hasn't been too difficult to pull it out.

and here's some more good news: less cramping! *does a happy dance to the cup gods* its really been amazing. if i can get the cup to stop leaking, i will vote DivaCup for President. =)
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I went to the Dr. today and brought my divacup literature and asked what she thought.

She said there were no problems with it at all and that because of the lack of fibers, it was actually safer then tampons.

I asked about endo..endo... the endometriosisises thing and she said that there was no more risk with a cup than with tampons.

She did say that if I got an infection down there to stop using it though because even if its not the cause, a cup can bring infections back.

So... just one doctor's opinion, but enough for me to know i love my divacup! :) yay!
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So, I got my diva cup today (which was a super happy suprise). I tried it out but while I was removing it I noticed that there was a little bit of blood along the top rim. This could be the beginning of my period, but I doubt it. Anyone know of any other reasons there would be blood up there?