January 19th, 2004

What about pantyliners?

About endometriosis and tampons etc...
We mentioned how harmful tampons can be. But, what of the effects of pads? I usually wear a thin pantyliner even when I have my cup in b/c it'll still leak slightly.
Does anyone else do this?
Are pantyliners potentially harmful as well?
Candis loves Adam

My Divacup trials...

I just received my Divacup a few days ago, and made a couple of trial runs the first night with a trusty tube of KY. I'm pretty sure I got it in right because I felt the suction when I tried to take it out. The stem was definitely trouble, and I ended up trimming it up to the last notch so there's only a tiny bit of it left.

I haven't tried to reinsert it since I trimmed it that last bit, but I tried it after I trimmed it about halfway, and it was still terrible uncomfortable and irritated the entrance to my vagina. Should I still be having this problem with it trimmed down to 1/4 inch? I suppose I'm just afraid it will always be this uncomfortable, and I really want to love this thing!

I was also a little unnerved by how low it sat in my vagina. I suppose I expected it to fit more like an Instead, but I can feel it sitting almost entirely in my vagina rather than just over my cervix. Help? Advise? My period is due in just a couple of days, and I'm hoping the Divacup won't let me down. :)