January 10th, 2004

fellow campers??

Hi all -
I just joined, so if there's an archive or something where this has been addressed, please direct me (sorry!)

I've been googling for hours, looking for something like this list... ahhhhh! Yes.

OK, so here's my question: does anyone here use their keeper while camping or otherwise away from running water? I'm planning a LONG hiking trip this next summer (Pacific Crest Trail - Mexico to Canada in 5 months!) and I'd like to keep using the keeper... but can't seem to figure out a good method for dealing with it in the absence of a handy sink. Can someone please give me some hints? (Details please! :)

I've thought about bringing baby-wipes for "rinsing" - I'm just worried that I won't be able to keep it clean enough, and DON'T want to make myself sick or something! Tips anyone?

Also (not to be too demanding): would washing "down there" with untreated water have similar potential sickness problems as drinking untreated water? (I feel like I should know this, but...)

Thanks for any help you ladies can offer...