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What I Learned

I know that we always get a million of these first time use posts, and I worked very hard not to post yet another one, but I was just excited about what I learned about my body.

I learned that I wasn't bleeding nearly as much as I thought I was!

Which tells me that the tampons just weren't absorbing the way they are supposed to. When I'd use tampons, I'd fill a super one after like 4 hours!! Or less! I always had to wear a back-up pad because I knew I would leak.

Based on this information, I thought I bled a lot.

This isn't true. The tampons just weren't completely filling. It's like they were only filling the outter layer. And then they'd start to leak.

I wore the Orangecup for 4 hours before I could change it and it was halfway full. I could've gone a little longer. Oh how I love cups!

As so many women before me, I'm thrilled I learned about cups and decided to give them a try. I wish I'd known about them sooner. It was a little intimidating getting that intimate with my own body, but I'm glad I've done it. Cups are great and I intend to start spreading the word!
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