Clever Manka (clevermanka) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Clever Manka

First period success!

I wanted to thank this community for helping me gather the courage to try menstrual cups and for giving me such invaluable information.

Based on my estimations of my body tallied against the information on the sizing chart, coupled with my own personal crusade to buy locally whenever possible, I bought a Diva Cup (size 2) from my local health food co-op.

And people, it was an unmitigated success!

By some stroke of luck, the Diva fit me well and I had no stem-poky-problems. There were a couple times when I couldn't get the cup to open, but a removal and re-insertion did the trick. The 7-fold works much better than the other folds I tried (C-fold and punch-down--I didn't feel like trying anything too fancy right off the bat). The only time I had any trouble with removal was the very first attempt on my pre-period dry run. And I think that was largely due to me trying to figure out how to maneuver my long-ish nails around the cup without injury.

In another stroke of luck, this was one of my Bad Periods, which I have a few times a year: near-debilitating cramps (which keep me awake at night), heavy flow, exhaustion, headaches, nausea...the whole nasty deal. But I think the cup was easier on my body--and it certainly kept me somewhat interested and entertained! So much better than feeling a little repulsed by the numbers of tampons I've added to landfills over the years. I did use a pantyliner every day (and I was grateful for that), but I would've done that with tampons, too. I don't imagine that habit will change, although I might move to washable pantyliners eventually.

Thank you so much, menstrual_cups LJ community! You all are the bomb. I could not (and would not) have done it without you.
Tags: divacup, first time use

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