December 22nd, 2003

John John

Damn itchies

OK, like I mentioned last week, I got a serious case of the itchies after my last period. I finally gave in and decided you all were right. I have a yeast infection. So I bought some tea tree oil. And I meant to put it on a tampon, I was suggested here and in naturalliving... but I cannot find what I have done with my tampons! I didn't throw them away, and I haven't given them away yet. Can't find those suckers anywhere. Really can't stand the thought of bleached cotton in my vagina anymore anyway, so I just smeared a few drops of tea tree oil over my Keeper and stuck that in. So much better! Think I'll repeat tonight. I don't think it's getting in quite as deep as I'd like, but oh well.

The one bad thing is that my hubby and I had sex this morning with a condom... I hope the tea tree oil didn't harm the condom too much. It seemed to be OK. It had been over 12 hours, but I'm sure there was still quite a trace left in me. Hrm.
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My first Diva-cycle.

So, last wednesday, I finally got my period and popped in the divacup.


Putting it in was, yes, easier with the blood as lube, and it is fascinating to see the menstrual fluid pooled in the little cup. Taking it out was also never painful... as long as I grabbed the stem, pulled a bit, then pinched the cup at the bottom and wiggled. Even when it took awhile to break the seal it still didn't really hurt.

The first day, I emptied my divacup about 4-5 times. Even though it was firmly in, I was still a bit anxious when going to the bathroom number two that it may fall out like a tampon, but, of course, it never did. The second day, I emptied it 2-3 times, and then about every 12 hours after that until the end.

I had no cramps all period, and I only leaked once-- the first night (but i wore a pad just in case). Usually, I leak 2-3 times a cycle because it is so heavy.

I really forgot about it most of the time it was in. Yes, it was a little messy, and I still hate the blood under the fingernails... but in all honesty, it felt right, real, and natural. Although, I won't lie, it was almost counterintuitive to take it out, empty it, and then put it back in.

It was also interesting to see the consistency of the fluid change from a brilliant scarlet the first few days to a murky brown.

Seriously, it went a lot smoother than I had anticipated and I can't wait to take it to China next semester. Thanks for your support and advice. :)
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Hi :) I'm new to this community, and this may have been asked before, but I didn't see it in the memories . . .

I'm young (mid-teen) and have had my period for about three years. It's still pretty irregular, so I still have problems with leaks. It's even irregular while it's going on (as in, it stops for a day or two and then starts up again, and the intensity varies very much as well).

I want to try either the Keeper, the Mooncup, or the Divacup, because I hate wasting things, and my heart kinda lurches knowing how much trash I'm producing each month. I have two problems, though: 1) with pads/tampons I can usually tell when I'm leaking, but I'm not sure if I would be able to tell with one of these. I don't want it to be more of a problem than it already is . . . and 2) like I said, I'm young, and a virgin. A small virgin, who doesn't bicycle or ride horses regularly. Even assuming my hymen isn't intact, would I still be too "tight" to use it? (Keeping in mind that I can't even use a Slimfit tampon until I've been lubricated heavily from lots of period-blood.) Also, which would be the easiest to use for a beginner? After reading the comparisons it seems like The Keeper, but none were addressing my issues specifically, so I'm not sure.

I'm glad I found this community — I've been meaning to try The Keeper et al. for a while, but had no one to answer my questions. Anyway, thanks for any help!