December 21st, 2003

  • owlrigh

a story in Keeper first-times

It's been a number of months now the order I made for the Keeper arrived. When I originally got it I thought it looked rather large -- showing it to my mother had an aghast reaction, her wondering how on earth it was going to fit. Even squishing it down as the accompanying booklet showed made it looked large. Still, I thought, other women have done this -- I should be able to do so without worry.

I didn't go for a 'dry' run; I remembered my attempts at doing so when a fledgling experimenting with tampons and how that hurt like the very hell. That stopped when I went for it when I was actually menstruating, so I thought that the same would apply for the Keeper, and waited impatiently for my period to arrive so I could give it a go.

It's not too often I look forwards to my period, although these days I don't particular care (for since having gone vegan I no longer get period pain).

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