December 15th, 2003


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I've been handing out menstrual cup leaflets as well as leaving them in women’s toilets, at the moment I have Divacup and Mooncup leaflets (as well as Mooncup stickers and a Divacup pin that both companies kindly sent to me with leaflets free of charge).
One problem I find is that I run out too fast, I can only leave a few leaflets in the toilets at a time which really isn't any good, I feel guilty asking for more leaflets because although I have offered Su (Mooncup) some money to cover cost of printing I am given the leaflets for free.
Another problem is presentation, the Divacup leaflets are great, with information as to why they may be better than other menstrual products, nicely presented, colored, high quality with order form, where as the Mooncup leaflets are low quality with big bubble text, little into information on why menstrual cups may be better and generally aren't very well presented. I prefer the Divacup leaflets because they look nice, the Mooncup leaflets look cheap and not very trustworthy - if I wasn't already using them and I saw those leaflets I'd be much less likely to take notice of them than a Divacup leaflet. Divacup leaflets are hard to get a hold of considering how far they have to come to get to me, being as I live in the UK, also as I am living in the UK then a UK based company is much more likely to get orders than a Canadian company.
I've attempted to make my own leaflets on menstrual products, only, without my own printer there is an issue, also given as they aren't very good quality either I am limited as to where to put them, Divacup leaflets would be much better appreciated than a printed leaflet.
Anyway, does anyone else find that the Mooncup leaflets aren't really up to the job?
Can anyone think of a way of getting a good source of menstrual cup leaflets?