December 4th, 2003


First day with the Diva

Hi folks! This is my first post.. I got a Divacup yesterday, and have tried it a few times now.

I'm actually really surprised at how smoothly things went. I've never even used tampons, so I thought I'd have more trouble than I did. The biggest issue was learning how to keep the darn thing folded.. it kept popping open just as I was trying to insert it. Youch!

Other than that I haven't had any pain while inserting or removing it. I did have some funky back pain while it was in.. still can't decide if it was Divacup related, or just my back being insane.

The stem didn't poke me much, though to be fair I wasn't being very active most of the time I was wearing it. Unless you count sitting on the couch playing video games as active.. didn't think so. ;) It wasn't.. painful, just.. uncomfortable? So I did cut off just the tip, but haven't tried it again since I did that.

It may have leaked a little, or I may have just made a mess while inserting. I did get fresh blood on the pad I was wearing. Next step is going to be inserting it in the shower so I can rinse really well and know for sure whether it's leaking or not.

Anyhoot, that's been my experience so far, for what it's worth. :)