November 25th, 2003

blue storm

the dog ate my keeper!

cool! an entire community devoted to the keeper! i've got a funny story that i'd thought i'd share... i've had a keeper for a while now, and love it to bits. makes me forget that i'm having my period. :)

this summer i was housesitting and dogsitting for a friend's mom. during my period i use my keeper in the daytime and paper towels at night (cuz i don't really bleed at night, or during naps, even -- anyone else like that?). i pulled my keeper out during my shower before going to bed, and left it in the shower stall on top of the tap. (probably not the best storage mechanism.) in the morning, it was gone. i think the dog ate it!!! :D i couldn't find it anywhere! i looked at the spot where he sleeps and plays, the backyard... nada. i was pissed! my friend also had her keeper eaten by dogs that she was sitting for. but they left shredded pieces of evidence, at least, whereas mine just disappeared. i got lazy about getting another, but in august, when i got my period again, i had to race to the store to get another and putting it in was just such a dream.

the lesson: dogs like to eat keepers. do not make yours part of their diet! get another as soon as you can, or keep one extra on hand (well maybe that's going a bit far :D ).
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I just wanted to thank everyone for their great advice on how to use the DivaCup.

I got mine in time for my last period, but the first time I tried to use it, I could not get it comfortable where I couldn't feel it. I wasn't sure then whether it was because my period was extra light that month or because I hadn't figured out how to properly insert it (it was both really).

Long story shortened, decided to try it again this month with a normal period, armed with advice I found in the memories here which made it much clearer how "properly inserted" is, and that, no, I should not be way feeling it, and just needed to push it in farther and lube it up better, and there should be "popping" if i got it in right.

And I have to say, instant relief from cramps! yay. I can see why I kept hearing "i love my keeper" all over lj now.

cramps and cleaning

hi all,

i should probably just search through entries, but i'm too lazy, and i also figured this would be a good way to introduce myself all of y'all. i'm psyched that this exists here!

i've had a keeper for a number of years. i've used it on and off but i've found 2 problems. a) it makes my bad cramps worse. and b) cleaning it out in public. with the cramps i don't know what to do.. and with the cleaning-- well, i've tried using moist towelettes, but its simply too mucky after i dump it out. my only thought has been to dunk it in the toilet water, but thats simply too unsanitary.

i *really* love the idea of the keeper. a lot. when i'm in a cycle of using it i adore not having to buy stuff month to month and bragging to friends about it. and next year i'm hoping to go to turkey and england for 6 weeks, so it would be sooooo much more handy than tampons to travel with. any ideas?