November 24th, 2003

John John

Just bought one

Yikes! I just spent $61.48 with shipping for a Keeper and 2 Organic Mini Lunapads. @_@ Hopefully that expense will get lost in all the other holiday bills. ^_^

I hope I like them. I'm not buying them to save money. I don't think I spend a lot on tampons and pads. A package of those lasts me a long time. I guess I don't have a very heavy flow. I feel bad that I still have half a box of pads left and at least 20 o.b. tampons that may never get used. What should I do with them? Oh yeah... I have a box of each in my desk at work too, for emergencies. D'oh!

I guess that's what I may do with them, leave them in the bathroom at work for others to use. Any other ideas?
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