November 12th, 2003


nuvaring + the keeper

x-post to birthcontrol, nuva_ring, and menstrual_cups:

okay, so, has anyone on here actually used nuvaring with the keeper? i had asked about this back in july, but then i realized it didn't matter because i was not starting the ring during my period, and the ring is out for period week, and ... so yeah. my flow started on sunday, but it's still mildly heavy today (wednesday) since i haven't been on BC this month and my period is generally pretty scary.

anything to watch out for? i had a difficult time inserting the keeper with the ring in. it interfered with its positioning and stuff. however, i managed to get it. i'm thinking that emptying the keeper in the toilet is probably not the best idea, since i could pull out the ring by accident and have it fall in the toilet...... i guess i'll do a shower thing?

if anyone has any words of warning, or has used the two together without any problems, let me know please.