November 11th, 2003

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My first cycle with the DivaCup!

I started my period Friday morning. I didn't even try to do the cup thing because I simply didn't have time, but nearly as soon as I got home that evening I tried it out. It popped right into place without any problems. I even went dancing that night and didn't have any leakage, woot! I trimmed the stem up to the first notch and haven't felt it since.The next day I had leakage problems a couple of times, due to inexperience with placing the cup, I think. So I few times I ran in and out of the bathroom trying to adjust and I'm sure my kids thought I was insane. Since then I haven't had any problems with leaking. I did start to feel little chapped (as someone else who posted here recently mentioned) but the KY helped with that. I forgot I had it in, most of the time. This was the easiest period I've had that I can remember. I usually bleed for 7 days, but am done now at 5. My cramps were greatly reduced, also. I didn't even need to take Tylenol or anything! My Dr. prescribed Bextra for me a year ago because I had cramps so bad I couldn't even function sometimes, so that is simply amazing. Big Thank You's to everyone who posts here! I can't think of any specifics at the moment, but there were several issues that came up that I immediately knew how to handle because I had been reading this community. Thanks again! I LOVE MY DIVACUP!
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quick question!

hey everyone. i was just wondering. ive had my keeper for about three months now and i LOVE it. but i think it would be impossible for me to keep it in for longer than 8 hours. i understand that keeping it in for 12 hours is probably just the healthy regulation, and not something that many people do.

but mine becomes quite full after 6 hours, and i can feel it getting angry at me! does anyone else has this problem, or is it just me?