November 6th, 2003

  • nymphie

I don't know why I didn't thnk of this before

Sometimes I get sore down there from using the Keeper. Usually around day 3, I guess from inserting and taking it out and "stretching myself" I feel like I'm "chapped". I can't remember if the Keeper web site suggested tis or not, but now what I do is before I insert it, I apply a thin layer of KY Jelly to the rim. I just use my finger to get it on there. It's a little slippery but it makes it a lot easier to insert.

Note: Do not leave tube of KY Jelly in same drawer as toothpaste unless you want your husband to yell at you ;).
doe a deer
  • gemfyre


I just did a little research before asking "where can I get the Keeper in Australia!"

And discovered it costs $65. In the long run it's still a huge saving but that's a little bit more capital than I have at the moment. :(

*starts saving*
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