November 5th, 2003

La Mariee

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Anyone have any tips on removing the keeper, divacup, mooncup etc?

I used my divacup for the first time today. Insertion was pretty easy with some lube, but the first time I tried to remove it, it took me about half an hour. I think the main problems are that I can't get a grip on the thing and that as a virgin who also does kegels, I'm really tight, so it's really hard to pull the fully opened cup out. It also hurts quite a lot when it's coming out.

So, any ideas would be appreciated.

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keeper lessens cramping?

so i'd heard things about the keeper making your period shorter, and i never quite understood WHY that would happen. but lately i've been hearing that it makes your cramps not hurt as much, and this is what my friend explained to me: when your uterus contracts as you menstruate, the rubber of the keeper absorbs most of the shock, preventing you from cramping up as much.

is that true? also, why does it make your period shorter? i guess because it doesn't have the bleach and additives in tampons/pads? so does this mean that you'd have about the same length period on the keeper as on organic tampons or pads?