October 30th, 2003

Young/Gray Wedding '06
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My DivaCup came yesterday!

I stumbled across this community a few weeks ago, and placed an order for the DivaCup that same day. My first impression on opening it was, OMG that is huge! Of course, I had to do a trial run. I had a little trouble getting it to stay folded, and ended up having to lie down on my bed to get it inserted. The various pieces of advice that I read here came in handy, and encouraged me to not give up. Once it was in I could tell it was there, but it wasn't uncomfortable. The tab didn't really bother me, I may trim it down later. Removing it was a cinch. I know I read somewhere that someone described putting it in and getting it out as "fisting herself", which is an extremly accurate descrition. However, I feel pretty confident that with a little practice I'll be able to place it without having to take off my clothes and lie down. Never before have I so looked forward to getting my period! Thank you everyone who has posted here!

got mine today!

i got my new keeper exactly 6 hours ago and i love it! except for some reason the stem/tail/sticky-outty-thing is REALLY bothering me so i've already chopped half of it off. i am seriously considering chopping more off [is this bad?] i am *SO* going to recommend it to all of my girl friends. and my boy friends so they can tell their girlfriends.

anyway...intro: i am jaz, i'm 18 as of 3:24am tomorrow (october 31st) and it is 9:19pm on Oct. 30. I have decided to buy a keeper for environmental, personal, and economic reasons. On average, I spend about 20 dollars on menstrual products {mostly tampons...some pads for nights} per month and i kept hearing about the keeper, which costs about 3 months worth of tampons/pads {mostly on bathroom walls and in LJ communities like this}. I didn't like the idea of what chemicals can be in tampons and pads and i think it's super that the keeper is natural. Also, i like the idea that i'm no longer going to be putting little pieces of biohazardous waste {so much fuss about blood these days} into garbage dumps etc.

thanks for reading this long post :p
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