October 21st, 2003

book and coffee

BIG thumbs-up!

well, i am a day and a half into my first period with my mooncup, and i am so impressed. granted, i’m sure my joy at it working for me is somewhat inflated by the fact that i was afraid i wouldn’t be able to use it at all, because it hurt so badly the first time i tried to put it in. but really, this is much better than i ever thought.

i had originally planned only to use my mooncup at home until i got used to it, and stick to tampons at work. i got my period minutes before i was going to leave for work yesterday, so i put in a tampon. i only lasted 2 1/2 hours at work thanks to cramps. :( but when i got back home, i switched to my mooncup. i had left about a quarter-inch of the stem, because i was afraid i wouldn’t be able to get it out if i cut it off completely. but even that little bit was stabbing me quite painfully, so i took the cup out and cut it off. after that, it was smooth sailing. i can’t feel it at all, and i have had no leaking whatsoever. i am somewhat lucky in the latter, i know, and i think it’s because first, my flow is extremely light, and second, my vagina is very narrow and the muscles are very tight (too tight, usually). i’ve found that the easiest way to get it in is the one-foot-up (on the toilet seat, edge of bathtub, etc.) position, and i struggled somewhat to get it out until i tried it while sitting on the toilet, which made it really easy. after yesterday afternoon and last night, i decided to abandon my plan of only using it at home, and wore it to work today. the only thing i’m still concerned about (aside from there still being some discomfort when i take it in and out) is the fact that i can only get it in if i am completely undressed from the waist down (otherwise i can’t get my foot up). no problem if i’m in the process of getting dressed or whatever anyway, but if i had to put it in while in a public bathroom, that would be a hassle. fortunately, i’m light enough that i can easily leave it in all day at work, but it may be inconvenient in the future. maybe it’ll get easy enough that i can manage it in other positions after a while.

anyway, i just wanted to share my great experience - the complete opposite of what i thought it would be the day i got my cup and tried it for the first time with so much pain - and thank this community for being here, and especially earthsister, who got me thinking about it by mentioning it in her personal journal. i remember seeing ads for the keeper years ago and thinking, “ew, that sounds really weird and gross and uncomfortable.” and i probably never would have revisited that position if i hadn’t read so many rave reviews here on lj. thanks everyone!