October 18th, 2003

death bunny

new to keeper but worried about fibroid tumor

Hi, this is my first time posting here. I've been wanting a keeper now for years and just bought one a week ago at cornicopia in northampton, ma. I just started my period a little while ago and i'm very excited to try it. The reason I'm posting though is because i am a little worried... A few months ago I found out that i am amoung the many women who have a fibroid tumor (at least, we think it's a fibriod... i'll get my mri results on wed to confirm, but, 95% sure...). The fun part is, i'm only 21. The even MORE fun part is it's between the size of a grapefruit and cantelope and i'm a very small person...

Should I worry at all about using the keeper with this problem? I use insteads on average a few times each period and i've just started integrating cloth pads instead of plastic/rayon crap. I'm at risk with the tumor due to the pressure it's putting on my kidneys. I just want to make sure the keeper isn't likely to do any more harm.

Also, if anyone out there knows of any fibriod tumor communities (i didn't get much of a response at all in VP), or is willing to start one, please let me know!

otherwise, i'm thrilled to finally have a keeper! Hurray for saving the earth through ecological menstral products! I keep playing with it and making it 'talk' to my roommate... i'm normal.. i swear