October 15th, 2003

La Mariee

New with questions...

Hi, I'm new here!

I joined because I plan to buy a Keeper or some form of it soon, and I had some questions.

I guess my main question now that I'm shopping around for them is this:
Other than material and price, is there any difference between the Keeper, the Mooncup, and the Divacup?
Are there any size or structural differences I should be aware of?
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So I've been trying to contact the company that sells Instead. I'd heard that they were giving free samples out on their website, and, well, I'm all over that! I use non-disposable menstrual cups, but I lost mine so I used up all my spare Insteads this month (I keep them tucked in my car, purse, desk, and gym bag for if I've forgotten my Keeper when I start to bleed!).

I've been trying to access their website http://www.softcup.com but the website's been down all week. So I tried calling them this morning 1-800-INSTEAD (btw, I know they have a Canadian site, but I was trying to access the US company). When I called, I received a message that the number has been temporarily disconnected.

Does anybody know if there is something going on with Instead in the US? I'm wondering if I should go and buy-out the supermarket's stock or something (hey, I'll admit, for an emergency like this, I'd be willing to stockpile!)

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I'm Jenn and I just joined to find out some information about the Keeper and other such nifty things. After reading time and time again about the benefits of things like Diva Cup and the Keeper, I'm kind of interested in trying it out for myself. I've been an avid tampon user for years and I would do the reusable pads but I hate pads. My main issue is that I am a competitive long distance runner who wears the "butt shorts". If you don't know what i'm talking about, watch an olympic track race. you know the "shorts" that women wear that look like really tight bathing suit bottoms that cut off that the TOP of your thigh? yeah, i get to race in those lovely doohickies. That and during the winter I train in spandex long pants. I'm wondering how well it works for someone who lives such an active lifestyle, who's on the NuvaRing, and it's "visiblity" in such...restirictive...clothing. Sorry to keep bringing this up but I'm seriously interested. Thanks!

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