October 13th, 2003


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I've been asked to compile a list of menstrual cups for use on a site providing information on different feminine hygiene products.
I know of Instead, Keeper, Mooncup, Divacup, are there any other 'brands' of menstrual cup? If you use a different 'brand' of menstrual cup could you give me the name, url and a short description of the cup please?
  • nenkah

a few questions....

It took a few goes, but I finally got my Mooncup in. But, I could still feel it, so does this mean it wasnt actually in right at all?

And then I tried to remove it, possibly getting a little stressed about how this thing was going to come out. Hmm... well, it was *agony* trying to get it out, there were tears and many whimpers.

My main problem is that it got stuck on 'something'; a bizzare fleshy loop just inside the opening of my vagina. Now I'm assuming that this is (part of) my hymen, and the little bastard also sometimes positions itself across the base of tampons, so when I come to take them out they go though *that* loop, as opposed to my opening proper. And it HURTS, darn it. So when my entire Mooncup had to be pulled through it, you can understand why I whimpered, yes?

Anybody understand what I'm on about? I'm finding it very hard to describe it properly.