October 10th, 2003

  • ourika

Weird DivaCup Dream

I actually dreamed about a diva cup last night (I did order one last week since I lost my keeper). It came in the mail and I went to use it, and it was HUGE. Larger around than my hand, and it was shaped more like an Instead with this large plastic bag underneath it. The bag must have been 6" or 8" deep. I was looking at it thinking, "How am I gonna use that?" And then I decided to just pop it in so I could go to work. I figured less leakage and more gathering bag means less times to change it. I put it in (don't ask, I have no idea how), and when I changed it later, the huge bag popped out of me completely full! I was looking down into this huge bag of my blood, and I was so upset because I didn't know where to put it all. That was only a very small part of a very large dream, but that's the part that seems to fit here...

I've really got to get better about picking the journal/community I'm posting in. I just posted this to my LJ on accident. And two days ago, I posted all about my IUD and my nipples! LOL Good thing I'm open about my body with all my friends!