October 3rd, 2003


i hope this hasnt been asked a billion times already but..

i'm seriously considering getting a keeper (or some other menstrual cup) but i have one concern. i tend to get lots of infections (yeast and bv) and my poor cooter is often tender and sore. is insertion/removal of a keeper going to be any more rough on my vagina than tampons would be?

thanks. :)
  • badfaun

Speaking of infections...

My last period, which was my third using my Divacup, ended on a tragic note when I came down with a vicious UTI/kidney infection. I was pissing tissue and blood, couldn't hold my water for five minutes, fever, chills, backache, the works. I have read in a few places that cups may help inspire UTIs. Now it didn't actually happen while my cup was in; my period had been mostly done for about a day or so, when the infection showed up, but I am wondering if the Divacup was the culprit and if so, if I should keep using it. I hadn't had any urethral irritation previously at all, though I do have something of a history of UTIs; haven't had one in about seven years however.

I really, really, really don't want to stop using the Divacup, for I have fallen in love with it. Also my near-monthly pre-period yeast infections went away, too. (Though it came back because of the antibiotics I had to take for the UTI!) Anybody have advice/experience to offer?