October 1st, 2003

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hi, i just joined this community but i've been lurking for awhile.
i bought my keeper months and months ago but could never get it in right. i could have returned it before the three months were up, but i've been absolutely determined about it. some months i've just forgotten or hav been too lazy to even try again.
but tonight i was perusing the community and felt inspired to try again.
i finally got it in! it remains to be seen whether or not i got it right in terms of leakage. but, i've cleared the first hurtle. definitely need to cut the rest of the stem off though--ack!

Little pain

I've been getting a little bit of pain from using my cup, I'm getting pains low down [further down then where you get period pains) it's a sort of stabbing pain rather than cramps or aching. I've also noticed some pain when putting it in and I've noticed it pressing on my bladder and 'back end'.

I get the feeling that it might be because it is too low down because I have had similar pains with tampons not being inserted fully, also the stem of the cup is further down than normal - although I cut some of it off I left a little bit on to put it out with.
Or perhaps I've pulled it out too ruff or something?
It did come about in the past few days when I started my period - early due to missing two pills, so I am guessing it is a problem with the cup rather than a general vagina problem for it to have started when I started using the cup again.
I'm due a smear test as soon as my periods are over and as soon as I can find somewhere that can do one for me locally.

Is there anything that could be causing this - could it be that the cup isn't far enough in or that I have pulled it out too ruff?