September 24th, 2003

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Hello everyone. My name is Kate.
I have been watching this community for some time and it helped me decide to by a Mooncup. Well, I received it about a week ago, tried it on. The tab on the end had to go! (Ouch ouch)
My period started yesterday evening and so I put it in as I was going to bed, with a pantyliner as a safeguard. I woke up here around seven AM to see leakage. When I intered the cup, I turned it to note that it was fully inserted.
The first two days of my period are usually heavy but I know that the cup wouldn't over flow. When I went to take it out, it seemed a bit further up. Could this be because it moved or that good enough suction wasn't created?
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How on earth have I only recently heard about this crazy goodness?! I'm sold, totally.

But, can I ask:
- Do any (real-life) stores in the UK sell Mooncups/Keepers etc? Though, somehow I doubt that Boots is savvy enough to stock them...

- How do I choose between rubber and silicone? I don't tend to wear latex much (haw;), so I've no idea if it would vex me or not.