September 13th, 2003

book and coffee

major pain problems

hi there... i’m going to try to be as unemotional about this as possible. :) some people may remember that i posted a while back asking whether anyone had experience using a menstrual cup despite vaginismus or vulvodynia. i have had vaginal pain to the point where intercourse is impossible for about ten years, and there does not seem to be any cause that western medicine can find. i can use tampons, though, and i’ve been able to insert a diaphragm, so i went ahead and ordered a mooncup. it came today and i was really excited, until i actually tried to put it in. i could barely get it in at all before the pain was so unbearable that i had to stop. anything other than plain water (soap, lubes, etc.) and vitamin e oil irritates my vagina, so i think lubing it up would only make things worse, and i can’t use the vitamin e oil as a lube because oil isn’t good for the cup. i tried every position i know of that makes insertion easier (one foot up, on my back with my knees up, etc.), and nothing worked. i focused as hard as i could on relaxing my vaginal muscles, but it was no good. my vagina actually continued to burn for at least an hour afterward.

i don’t know if anyone has any advice... i think it’s pretty hopeless, but i thought i would post about it anyway, both in case someone had any wisdom to send my way and to share my experience in case anyone else with my problem is considering getting a cup. i guess i expected the rubber to be softer and not so stiff. i’m not sure if i’m going to take advantage of the money-back guarantee or give it another shot. right now i’m just trying to get over my disappointment, because i really wanted to do this.

first period with the keeper: successful!

i have just finished my first cycle while using the keeper. it was great! besides a little discomfort in the first few days, and a little leaking due to now being completely used to it, i loved it! i will NEVER go back. it's awesome that now when i'm going somewhere overnight while on my period, i don't have to load my bag with tampons and pads :) now i just bring my little rubber friend and i'm set!

it became so comfortable that at times i would almost forget it was in there...

granted it takes a little bit longer to change than a tampon, but i think it's well worth it. thanks for all the helpful advice, and to anyone reading this community considering getting a keeper/diva cup/mooncup... DO IT! you will not be disappointed!