September 10th, 2003


i came across this community about a month ago while checking out
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i came across this community about a month ago while checking out <lj_community="menstrual_hut"> and thought it was so interesting! i wanted to buy a diva cup because they looked nicer [silly me] but wasn't able to order one off the internet.

well, i just started attending university of toronto and went to buy my books for women's studies at the 'toronto women's bookstore'. i saw a girl buying one and EXCLAIMED where she got it from [it being the keeper]. i ran to the shelf and purchased it right away!

i got it home and couldn't wait for my roommate to leave so i could try it out. my first try wasn't the most successful mostly because i couldn't fit my fingers far enough to put it in. but my second try was perfect! it was a little uncomfortable, like i had just had sex. the pain was mostly from the size. i trimmed the tab just a little and now i'm so happy! i'm expecting my period anytime now so i believe i'll put it in tonight in hopes that it arrives! [wow, i've never been excited about my period coming before... weird! lol].

i just have one small question. should i leave the tab out far enough that it actually protrudes out of my vagina? this way i can grasp it better? or should it be totally not visible when i stand up?

thanks so much for all the posts on this wonderful help!!!