September 3rd, 2003

Keeper Results

so ends my first period with my keeper.

results: pretty fucking good, some leakage, but i found that doing the 7-fold method (vs. the c cup) stopped that.

I had more over-all cramps than usual, which i really hope has nothing to do with the keeper, but with the fact that i seem to be having more cramps, or more short-lived, but more painful cramps with every period (this started with the day we *started* bombing Iraq- the day after, at the protest, had some of the worst cramps ever (probably #3 on the list) running around downtown). I should deal with that, i bet it has to do with my diet, living at J's seems to mean living off more processed foods and eating out.

But besides all that, I moshed during the coughs/service anxiety show, no leaks. Erin called me 'super keen punk' for cleaning my keeper out at the fireside bowl during the show. I generally forgot I had it in (which led to a very, very full keeper being emptied out- which is far better than when I would forget I had tampons/sea sponges in (which was harder, because they completely dried out my cunt & vagina).

I finally confirmed what I had known all along, too. I bleed an absurd amount. I filled up the keeper 3 times (overflowed once, and the seal hadn't formed properly... e gads, that was a lot of blood), filled it up half way like 4 or 5 times, and maybe a 1/3 a probably just as much. I remember reading the average woman bleed 4-6 oz, and the keeper is 2 oz? No wonder I get anemic easily (well, that and not paying enough attention to my diet). Right now, I'm still spotting a bit, but running around in clothes I've gotten plenty of blood on before (I discovered, one day while at the movie theater, that blood clots do go pass tampons... how that works, I don't know, but I had a tampon in, and *plop* out came huge blood clot, right into the toilet.. insane). And I haven't spent any money or had to *procure* anything this month! yay!
yay fat

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You know... I've had my keeper for about a year now and I've never gotten it to work for me even ONCE. After reading a recent post and the comments that followed, I think I understand why! For more than a year now I have been trying to stick that thing all the way up the vaginal canal, as far as I could possibly get it to go... I always figured that it needed to go up just as a high as a tampon. But now it seems as if this was ALL WRONG! So... someone please enlighten me, is it true that the keeper only has to go just inside the canal with the stem outside the body?

If that's true, than I've been putting myself through some major discomfort for no good reason at all.