August 29th, 2003

book and coffee

finally did it...

i just ordered my mooncup. i emailed them a couple of days ago with my question about oil-based lubes, but i haven’t heard back. that isn’t a deal-breaker for me; it would just be nice to be able to rub some vitamin e oil on it before putting it in. the website says to allow 28 days for delivery - that can’t just be a coincidence! heh. i hope it comes sooner, because my next period is due in about three weeks. anyway... i’ll certainly be posting with my experiences once i actually get it.

kegels + the keeper

Hey, all. I'm about to buy my first cup, yay! The only thing that's dissuaded me is the fact that I'm a very profuse, tissuey bleeder at times. Well, that, and my mom refused to buy it for me, because she thinks that I'm insane... I'm heading back to college... well... soon... and so I'll be able to get it. Ah, the tranquility of dorm life.

I'm thinking about the divacup because, quite frankly, I'm cheap. That, and I like the bells & whistles that come with it (a diva pin, plus the markings on the side to measure your flow). I never said I'm immune to clever marketing. I have one question, that doesn't make any difference as to whether I get one or not; I'm just curious.

I have a tendancy to get bored in my classes. When I get bored, I usually do some kegels, because I have a one-track mind. Is it okay to do kegels with a cup in? Will it break the suction and make me bleed everywhere? Will it be extremely uncomfortable, because of the cup? Or will it provide resistance, and make it so that I have a super-vagina? Thanks, ladies.