August 21st, 2003

book and coffee

mooncup + oil-based lube?

so, i think i will be getting a mooncup with my next paycheck (on the 31st). i have a question that is more or less a chemistry question, but maybe someone here will know. i recently bought some vitamin e oil in hopes that it will soothe my chronic vaginal irritation. i’ve only tried it once, so it is still in the experimental stages, but it did seem to soothe the skin that one time. more significantly, unlike almost everything else i’ve ever put on my labia (vagisil, water-based lubes, soap, etc.) it didn’t burn. i am concerned about having pain while inserting the mooncup, and i was wondering if, because it is silicone and not latex, it would be ok to put a bit of the vitamin e oil on it before putting it in. i know oil and latex are a bad combination, but i don’t know about silicone. anybody know? thanks!