August 13th, 2003


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Does anyone use The Instead® SoftCup®?
Just came accross this particular brand, they advertise it as being for active women which is their main advertising aproach - rather than the anti-tampon aproach most of the other cup sites seem to take. One thing they do say is this:
"Instead® SoftCup® will move along with you, so even if you're having your period, you can be ready for anything...whether it's swimming, hiking, biking or making love. Yes, while Instead is not a contraceptive, it is the only form of feminine protection that lets you have clean, comfortable sex during your period."
Can these be used during sex (without it getting in the way, seal breaking etc.) and if so why did no one tell me?!

Also as a side note I wrote an entry in my journal about the pro's of using mentrual cups just in case I ever needed to tell someone about them, so I could link them back to that entry and cup sites etc. It's located here if anyone wants to take a look and can add or edit anything from my list in comments for that entry.

A smaller keeper?

Please excuse if this is redundant,

I'd like to use the keeper or something symilar. Yet, my vagina is very small. Though I'm far from a virgin I find anything but 'light' tampons to be miserablely uncomfortable. From the photos the keeper looks very large (for me.) I wonder is anything smaller available? Thank you for any responses.