August 9th, 2003

a couple of questions

hello, i was just browsing communities randomly, and then i came across this one, and i must say that i'm enthralled. i never even knew products like this existed! so i've spent the last two hours or so searching around on the internet, and finding out about some different products, and so on, and i just have a couple of questions i'd like to ask before i make any kind of decision.

i guess my main concern is that i'm a virgin, and don't know if that would cause any problems. i've read on here that most people insert the keeper fairly low within the vagina, but some said that they wear it higher up. so overall i'm curious as to any problems this all might entail. if any of you have had experience with this, i would really appreciate any info you could give me.

also, i've read some of the differences about the keeper/mooncup/diva cup and i'm just wondering, which one any of you, personally, think is best. if i do end up ordering i may just get all three and try them out. ^_^; or at least two.

thanks for the help!