August 3rd, 2003

Silly, yet sincere, questions

Hello all. I just found out about this community, and the keeper itself, through the feminist community. Whee. : )

I do not use any sort of menstrual cup (or tampon) for that matter, but I am now intrigued and thinking about buying one. I have a lot of questions and some of them are dumb, but truly sincere.

- Does the cup (Mooncup, Divacup, Keeper) "loosen" you up permanently? I know the vaginal muscles are supposed to expand and contract and whatnot, but does using a cup make your vagina less tight? And how much of a difference does it make in your sex life?

- Do the contents of the cup ever spill into your vagina? Say you're doing cartwheels or jumping on a trampoline or something.. What happens when you turns upside down or sideways? Is that un-safe? Should one refrain from doing those kinds of activities?

Actually, I thought I had more questions than that, but cannot think of them at the time. Heh. Thanks for your replies.