July 26th, 2003


(no subject)

This has probably been asked before, however I can't see it in the memories so I shall ask it now.
Why is it that the keeper/mooncup/divacup aren't available in more mainstream stores - I would assume it is a bit of a financial risk i.e.. for each person they will sell only one every few years however isn't that a small price to pay?

I'm very happy with my mooncup already, I've told a few people about them already.
I've got to go for a smear test sometime soon and I was thinking whether my GP's office, or at least the nurses office where smear tests etc. are carried out, would have a problem with having leaflets about these products being in their offices or at least have a few lying about just in case.
Do any of you know whether that would be possible if I asked permission from the GP's office, whether it would be appropriate (although it is health related it is also sales related) and whether you think the mooncup site would provide me with leaflets?