July 24th, 2003

hello from a kept woman!

(giggle) just found this community, wearing my Keeper at this very minute! I like it quite a lot. I can put it in early or late in my period when the flow is light, without all the nasty irritation of a dry tampon. I can go sea kayaking with it and empty/rinse it at the water's edge - no need to pack out used pads. In short, yay!

Every time I put it in, though, I think about the little brochure that came with it. The one that says "some women like to use a damp paper towel to clean their fingertips after use." Fingertips ? Up to the knuckles, baby.

irememberaurora, congrats on your persistence! I don't know anything about your birth control choice, but good luck combining the two.

(no subject)

Hi. I joined this community because I am interested in the keeper. I've known of it for over a year, and decided to look into it mainly for environmental reasons. I am saving up for one, and hoping to get one soon.

I have a question. Does anyone in here know of stroes that sell the keeper in nyc and/or li. I'd rather buy it directly from a store than online. I know bluestockings sells them at $45 each; $10 more than on the keeper website. Thanks in advanced.