July 16th, 2003

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I ended up ordering the Keeper shortly after the last time I posted here. I received it yesterday. It's not as difficult for me to fold as I'd been worried it would be, but I do have a problem keeping it folded until it's completely inserted.

I managed to get it in until about where the ridge on the top ends, before it popped completely open and I had the bottom half of it sticking out. I switched positions various times... thinking maybe laying on my back on the floor with my legs in the air would open me up a bit and I'd be able to quickly pop it in there before it unfolded. (I would probably have been quite amusing to see, haha.)

I'm not currently menstruating, and I'm not sure when I will start - I'm pretty irregular - I was actually due about a week ago, but I'm still waiting. Do you think the flow will provide more ... lubrication, I guess, to make insertion a little easier? Or do you have any other tips? I'm a little sad I can't get it to work; I was really excited! They should invent a Keeper applicator for instances such as these.

Ah well, I've got it for three months, anyway. I'm not gonna give up easily.

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So the time has come...

I came on at work, so I didn't have anything on me and had to go through a whole fuss just to get one of those horrid Titanic sized pads out of the machine till I got home. Got home, got cleaned up and had a shot with the cup - I think it's worked.

It went in first time but I'm not 100% sure it is in right.
I'm not 100% sure how far up it should be - first time I used tampons I didn't put them far enough up so used to get bad pains, I certainly don't have those pains now, but I have period pains so that might be covering up any pain from the cup being in the wrong place - if you see what I mean. The stem hasn't been cut yet, so it is still at full length and none of that is popping out.
Also, I'm not 100% sure it has unfolded, it feels like it has opened out, but it still feels a little flat (having nails has prevented me from really trying to examine any further).
I'd imagine that I'll find out soon enough.

So how do I know if it is far enough up or if it has unfolded correctly?

It feels ok and went in ok, I'd imagine it being a bit different if I have to put it in say at work at the beginning of my period, but we will see.
Oh, and yes, I did only insert it like 10 mins ago - trust youth to be impatient.