July 11th, 2003

Emily Porch

The Keeper and IUDs

I've noticed lately that many women who use IUDs also use The Keeper/Mooncup/DivaCup. Any theories as to why this is? One thing might be that both The Keeper and IUDs require closer contact with the vagina and reproductive system. You are literally getting your hands in there and feeling around. It requires a very intimate knowledge and interaction with your own body.

Also, it seems like women who use The Keeper/Mooncup/DivaCup are interested in ecologically sound methods, which the IUD definitely is. One plastic package to throw away one time, and that's it. Also, IUDs offer either completely non-hormonal protection through the copper device, or the smallest amount of hormones available from any form of hormonal contraception through the Mirena. So, it seems to me like Keeper/Mooncup/DivaCup users, who wish to avoid the potential health hazards of tampons, might also be interested in IUDs.

Reusable menstrual cups and IUDs are also both very economical. They both pay for themselves very quickly.

Any other theories? In the meantime, how about a poll!

Poll #155858 IUD + The Keeper/Mooncup/DivaCup

If you use an IUD, are planning to have one placed, or are interested in IUDs, do you also use a reusable menstrual cup?


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