July 7th, 2003

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Diva Cup review

Well I just have to say I love the Diva Cup. This was my first time using anything of the kind and it went great. The first day or so I spent trying to figure out how how to get it in and out without being in pain but now it's pretty easy. The great thing is that I had to go out of town for the weekend and it caused so much less trouble than pads or tampons. Less to pack, no leaks, it was wonderful. At this point I think I will be getting rid of all the pads and tampons I have because this worked so much better than expected. I just have to thank the people in this community for giving me the last push to get one.

Diva vs. Mooncup?

I've decided to get either a Diva or a Mooncup, since my body has a love/hate relationship with latex, but I can't decide which. I wasn't able to find a comparison between the two in the memories or in previous posts (I read pretty much the entire archive). Has anyone tried both? Which did you prefer? Pros/cons of either from anyone that's tried one or the other? Thanks.

(no subject)

Hi there! I've been kind of nosying through this community every once in awhile for quite some time now, but just decided to join a few days ago. Menstrual cups have really intrigued me since I first heard about them - the economic and ecological (and anatomical!) benefits of them seem really awesome, and I'm all about getting more in touch with my body lately, so I've been seriously considering buying one.

I do have a concern though. I have a disability, and one of the characteristics of it is weakened strength and dexterity in my hands and fingers. It's not too noticeable; I'm still pretty functional. There are just some things it's more difficult for me to do.

My question basically is, how much resistance is there with the various cups when squeezing them for insertion? Is there anything it's comparable to?

I suppose I could always order the various kinds to try, but I just wanted to get some feedback from you first, as you all seem so helpful. :)

Many thanks in advance!

- Kelley