June 24th, 2003


extreme leakage.

i've been trying to use my keeper today. it's the 4th period i've used it for, and the last 3 times i gave up after one day and reverted to tampons and pads.

i feel like i ought to be inserting it correctly, because i don't feel any discomfort. i fold it in half twice, then insert it, and then rotate it to make sure it's unfolded. sometimes it takes more than a rotation or two for it to unfold, but it finally does. it is angled towards my back.

however, it usually catches a drop or two of blood, and the rest winds up in my pants. i don't get what the problem is. it's not like i have a huge vagina. i'm 19 and have never gone through childbirth and lost my virginity in september. i've been having sex regularly since february, and it took until march or april for it to stop being uncomfortable. so i'm assuming i MUST be doing SOMETHING wrong.

a few of you left suggestions the last time i posted, which i tried, but i may have failed. perhaps the keeper isn't for me? i'd much rather use it than tampons or pads though. and i'd rather see if i can't make it work before buying a new product, since i've already passed the 3-month trial thing. i was going to return it, but then i figured i hadn't really given it much of a chance and i really wanted to try to make it work.