June 13th, 2003

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An intro...

I've been reading the posts here for awhile and finally got an lj account, so I figured I'd join and sorta introduce myself...

I'm in college, generally interested in biology and such, and a public health major (for now...)
I ordered a keeper last year and tried it for the allowed 3 months but wasn't fully comfortable with it so it got returned. I decided to try again recently--and I especially like the silicone-ness of the Divacup and Mooncup, so I bought a Diva. It's been going much better (not sure if that's cause of the shape/material, or cause my body's different, or what) and I have the whole year return-period to try and fine-tune it, which is nice.

Anyway, I was wondering--for all you other cup users--diva or moon or keeper--does your cup have any sort of seam on it? My divacup has a seam (like where the 2 pieces of the mold they used would fit together) around the top rim. It's sort of a thin line of silicone sticking out. I can't feel the seam at all when it's inside me, but when I run my finger over it I can definitely feel it.

I'm curious if that's a normal thing or if it's an imperfection/mistake in the way mine was made. At any rate, I think I'd prefer for it not to be there, since the seam is on the part that comes in contact with the cervix constantly. I'm thinking it might scratch me up or nick me inside a bit, and from what I understand, nicks and scratches on the vagina/cervix provide a nicer place for bacteria and whatnot to grow and flourish (especialy TSS bacteria).
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