June 9th, 2003

Mooncup firsttime user.

I just recently got my Mooncup, and today is the first day I get to try it (I'm expecting blood, so I just popped it in). I had tried using it before trimming the stem, and it felt really uncomfortable. I trimmed the stem really short, and it still poked me, so I just took it all the way off. It stopped poking me, but I felt like I could still feel the bottom. I thought that maybe I was having trouble inserting it, so I put a little lube around the top of it, and it slid in a lot easier. I turned it about half a turn, and felt up around the top to make sure it was open. Then I just left it alone and I felt like I had to pee. After going to the bathroom, it seemed like it was pushed up higher and now I can't feel a thing.

I like how when I'm expecting blood, I can just pop it in. It was extremely easy to get it once I trimmed the stem off and gave it a good shove up there. My gyno told me that I had a deep cervix, this might explain why Instead was so hard to use. Plus, I hated the way Instead was so crinkly and noisy.

Anyways, I'd definately recommend the Mooncup to anyone who is curious about buying it. This is my first cup, and I have no complaints yet.


I just started using my DivaCup a few days ago ... i've only had one leak, but i'm pretty sure that was just b/c the cup hadn't unfolded properly.

I'm having trouble getting those little holes near the top clean ... ??
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All right, I have two questions.

I have a mooncup, and I've noticed little holes on the top.. I read back a bit and I saw them mentioned in the comments of a post, but what are they for?

on a side note, I clean my mooncup in the shower, and i've found that filling it completely with water, pressing my palm across the top so no water gets out that way, and squeezing the middle pushes water out of the holes and get them unclogged. i do that with soapy water to get them clean, then just plain water a few times to rinse them out.

second, how am I supposed to break the seal when removing it? i feel like my uterus is getting sucked out, but i can't get my finger up there to break the seal. am i hurting anything by just pulling?