June 8th, 2003


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I first heard about the Keeper in the menstrual hut community a long time ago, and it was a really exciting concept for me, but I was pretty upset since I'm severely allergic to latex, and couldn't use it. Then I heard about the Divacup and Mooncup, and am anxious to try them out. I've read back through some of the stuff in this community and gathered some information about them, and I just have a few questions/want to see if I have my facts straight here. No one, it appears, has yet done a Moon vs. Diva comparison, but I can work around that. Hehe. ;)
Basically, I'm trying to compile a more comprehensive comparison of the three... as much for my own use as for anyone else's. Just correct me if I'm wrong on anything;

1)The Moon and Diva are both made of clear/translucent silicon while the Keeper is opaque latex.

2)Structurally it seems that the Keeper and Moon are more similar (longer stems to start out with, no measurements, and slightly smaller in volume) while the Diva varies from those two.
Update: The Mooncup now has grip ridges on the stem like the Diva.

3)The silicon of the Moon/Diva is stiffer or less pliable than the Keeper, which is
a)good, because it pops open easier and creates a better seal
b)bad, because it's harder to insert and more painful (or at least, you can feel it more) when in

4)All three cups get softer and more pliable with long term use. (Is this true? I've heard it about the Keeper, and in passing about the Diva, so I assume the Moon is the same?)

5)The Moon and Diva can both be boiled for sterilization, while the Keeper cannot. Tea Tree Oil is also recommended for keeping them clean. (Are there any special cleaning techniques for any of them? Especially for keeping the Keeper sterile?)

Mooncup: £17.99 $28.45 (Euro) 27.50 including Shipping/Handling
Keeper: $35.00 + $2 to $5+ Shipping/Handling (depending on where you are and how many you order)
Diva: $25.50 +$3 Shipping/Handling (to the US, more if you're ordering more)

The Keeper
Moon Cup
Diva Cup

If there's any aspect that I'm missing, please comment and tell me