June 5th, 2003

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Hi everyone! I have been an on-and-off Keeper user for about three years now. I've been having problems with it lately, though, so I thought maybe I could get some help here.

I loved my Keeper when I first got it. I wore it fairly high in the vagina, and it NEVER leaked. Then it started randomly leaking for no apparent reason -- it just occasionally wouldn't form a seal.

--------interval of about a year where I lost my first Keeper and finally bought a second----------

When I got my second Keeper, I still had this occasional leaking problem. I was able to solve it by wearing it much lower in the vagina, low enough that the stub of the stem poked my labia a bit. Problem solved, la di da di da. And then the leaking started again.

It leaks about 10% of the time. And it's not just leaking: my entire flow just slips out, and when I take out the cup, the inside of the cup is completely clean. It's like the flow is bypassing the cup completely. It feels like it's going in correctly; I rotate it and feel the seal form; it's positioned correctly, pointing toward the back of my vagina; I do the little forward tug on the stem to align it. And it still leaks. I cannot figure out ANY correlation between when it leaks and when it doesn't.

Anyone have any ideas on what could be going wrong or how I could fix this? I quit using the Keeper again for the past few months because I was on the Pill and my periods were really light, but I'm going off the Pill and I expect my usual super-heavy flow to return. I'd really like to be able to use my Keeper with confidence again.

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ive been reading posts here for awhile now.. waiting for my period to come along so i could try out my brand new keeper..
and now im kinda disappointed in it.
it just feels kinda uncomfortable the whole time its in. and it is leaking. hopefully i will get it working better cause im so keen on giving up on evil tampons and pads.
do you get less conscious of it being in once youre used to it?
i dont notice tampons.
how short has everyone trimmed the stems? im scared to cut it too short cause then how do you get it out?
i have trimmed it fairly short and that does feel better but should i keep cutting cause i can still feel it?
thanks for any feedback :)