June 4th, 2003


I love this thing!

I just had to share my love and adoration of the MoonCup! (X-posted to menstrual_cups and menstrualhut)

I had signs of 'starting' when I was heading to bed at 1am today. I thought I might start for real during the night, so put in a tampon. I used my MoonCup for the first time last cycle, for the whole cycle. I was so sleepy last night, though, and the tampons were right there, and I hadn't boiled my MoonCup yet, so I used the tampon and felt okay. Used another tampon in the morning before running off to teach and was SO uncomfortable. Totally cramping. The little string itched against my skin. I just felt bad and miserable. But I had my MoonCup in my backpack with me in case I changed my mind and/or ran out of tampons. I was really nervous about the idea of putting in the MoonCup outside of the comfort of my own home, since I hadn't done that yet. But, since the tampon was irritating me anyway, and since I had washed the MoonCup really well with antibacterial soap (even though I hadn't boiled it yet), I went ahead and decided to put it in when it was time to discard the tampon anyway.

Oh my god, the difference was HUGE! I just FELT a zillion times better! My cramps eased up significantly. The itching vanished. And I felt happy on a psychological note because I find the MoonCup fascinating and wonderful, ecologically friendly, and good for my body. It's simply wonderful and I feel a lot better, and now that I feel more confident using it whether I'm home or not, I'm never EVER using anything else!!! :-)