June 2nd, 2003

Purple mohawk

Another field test

I had a big kung fu vs. t'ai chi chu'an sparring match today, and I was paranoid that I was simultaneously going to be visited by Aunt Flo. So I wore my Keeper.

After four matches, I went home. And when I checked, yes, I had indeed started crotch gushing. I experienced no Keeper-related discomfort during my fights, and I was saved the extra hassle of possibly bleeding through my pants. Hoorah!
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Since a lot of you have used both the divacuip and the keeper, i have a question:
I am contemplating getting one, and would liek to know if i should get the keeper or the divacup. I am not a virgin, and have a hgue vagina (..i dunno if tht matters or not, but just incase it does..)
i freaking HATE tampons.

so...what would you recomend for the hefty large vaginaed woman? And i am planning on getting pregnant within the next ten years...and i noticed their is two sizes available on one of the products(i think) so which one would you recomend?