May 25th, 2003

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so i just joined this community... i have yet to order a keeper ($$) but i'm on the keeper listserve and someone posted that there was a "study" which was recommending to the FDA to ban keeper/mooncups/dive/etc. because they (parphased) 'blocked flow and debris'... an article that sites a study that no one on the listserve seems to be able to find online, or find out who funded it- so this is just a bit of heads up, i guess.

"Evidence of dioxin as a catalyst for Endometriosis has been well-documented. In a 1996 Environmental Protection Agency study, dioxin exposure was linked with increased risks for Endometriosis, as well as the increased risks of pelvic inflammatory disease, reduction
of fertility, and interference with normal fetal and childhood development.

(the following statements are parts of what other people said)
The EPA conclusions regarding dioxin exposure are particularly alarming in light of a 1989 Food and Drug Administration report, which stated that "possible exposures from all other medical device sources would be dwarfed by the potential tampon exposure." Dr. Philip Tierno, Jr., Director of Clinical Microbiology and Diagnostic Immunology at the New York University Medical Center states that "dioxins, though they exist in the environment, have a worse effect when they contact mucous surfaces like the vagina.""

So by their own admission the tampon link is a strong one, and the cup link is tenuous at best. So, where are the articles calling for the FDA to ban tampons? Or require the manufacturers to change their methods? Doubt you'll see that anytime soon, the tampon companies are too big, and the cup manufacturers are an easy target.

I cannot help but think there's probably some profit-oriented motivation here (shock, horror). It's to the detriment of the tampon makers' profits that such products as K/M/D/I exist, and heaven forbid they should thrive.

Same story as cloth diapers and EC vis-a-vis disposables, and solar power versus oil, co-sleeping information, etc., etc.