May 1st, 2003


Cleaning Methods

How do you girls disinfect your keeper? I have used vinegar and hydrogen peroxide in addition to the washing/scrubbing of it, soaking it in water/vinegar or water/Hydrogen Peroxide mixtures for a night... but I was wondering if anyone has used tea tree oil? i read somewhere about it, but i can't remember where.

any advice? I mean I know we aren't supposed to use any sort of petrolium or anything on it because it would erode the rubber.... but i was wondering if the oil that the tea tree extract would erode it too? is it just petrolium products that erode rubber or do other oils as well?

If not, then how do you use it? I know you can't put it in water and then put the keeper in because it wouldn't affect it since oil and water dont mix...

If any of you have any experience with disinfecting the keeper with tea tree oil or know how to from reading it anywhere please leave me a comment because i'd like to know.